welcome to the creative collaboration of a lIFetime.

Together, we’ll draw from your repertoire of stories, passions, and experiences to design a joyful celebration that’s unmistakably you. 

If we were face to face, this is the part where I’d treat you to a glass of Cab from my favorite pub in Ireland. There’s plenty of cozy seating and a fire burning in the hearth–the perfect setting to dive deep into the celebration of your dreams and the bash your guests will rave about for years to come. 

Every wedding is inherently extraordinary, but because you’re here, I know you’re seeking so much more than what’s already been done. 

Your perfect day would balance your love of home with your passion for adventure. It would demonstrate your elevated tastes while remaining grounded and down to earth. There would be elegance and beauty at every turn–with a hint of edge. It would be a warm, intimate gathering to culminate a weekend of sightseeing, new experiences, and togetherness. Every guest would be on the dance floor by the end of the night.

It would be truly unforgettable. 

Sound familiar? You’re in the right place. 


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I’m Alise Taggart–planner, designer, and stylist of luxury weddings in the world’s most exclusive, adventurous locations.

For years, I never thought I was creative. Cut to a country club bartending job in my twenties and dozens of golf course weddings later, and I realized my passion for bringing an event to life—no matter the size or status. From there, my track record as a hopeless romantic stayed consistent: On a trip to Ireland with my best friend, I met my husband at a pub in Belfast on our fifth night in town. 

One whirlwind romance later, I was engaged to an Irishman and planning my own wedding at twenty three. I fell more deeply in love with the process than ever–the dance of symbolism and aesthetics, the magic of a moment, and the thrill of seeing a vision come to pass.

The first years of our marriage were spent in Belfast, where we planted roots shortly after our wedding. There, I approached the wedding world slowly and intentionally, taking every moment to build my expertise, hone my skills, and gather Europe’s most sought after vendors for my creative rolodex. With my feet firmly planted in both continents, I found a sweet spot serving discerning Americans seeking to wed among the rolling hills of Ireland. When my first wedding was published in Vogue, I knew I had found what I was meant to do. 

If you’re looking for a party planning squad complete with headsets, blazers, and binders on your wedding day, that’s not me. Like you, I’m deeply committed to the design and the aesthetic of the experience, but here’s the thing: Your celebration should be one to remember not just for how it looks–but for it feels, too. 

Today, our family is based out of Asheville, North Carolina–though I’m traveling to Europe to design soulful gatherings and unforgettable celebrations more often than not. In the off season, you can find me growing my collection of passport stamps, relaxing with our dogs Arnie and Fionn, and soaking up all the snuggles with our son, Quinn.

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